Digital Broccoli Freelance Academy by Milya Kotery

Online courses
about copywriting and SMM

Learn the skills you need to succeed in copywriting and launch a rewarding career

Courses with feedback

For those who want to thoroughly immerse themselves in the profession and learn about freelancing and copywriting, all the most relevant, fresh, and practically applicable.

Who wants to start earning remotely from scratch, knowing exactly what and how to do in the next step.

Who cares about feedback for a long period when you can finalize projects to an ideal result, ask questions at any time and be in a circle of like-minded people–a chat is provided in each course.


For the advanced and those who know exactly what they want from freelancing. Maximum benefit and practice in a short time.

2-hour live webinars and 3-day intensive sessions on the most important topics: negotiations, sales, packaging of services, personal brand, and professional blog.

There is a lot of practically useful, concentrated information, tasks, instant feedback, and ready results on hand in 2 hours (if a webinar) or 3 days (if intensive). 

Why Choose Me?

My name is Milya Kotery, I created a project about freelancing and remote work Digital Broccoli: a telegram channel for 26,000 subscribers and a website with 60,000 visitors per month. 500 people have already finished my courses, and my articles have been read more than 1.5 million times.

I have published in Cossa, Rusbase, VC, Habr, Webpromoexperts and Chalk, I have written more than 60 articles on my website, 2000+ texts in total for all the time I have been an author, edited more than 350 articles by other copywriters, I advise and write texts for entrepreneurs. I released the book "Notes of the remote worker. How to become a freelancer" in the publishing house AST.

I have been working remotely for 11 years, visited 11 countries and 25 cities and continue to travel.